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Simple and secure, you can make a donation to the Foundation through our PayPal or Strip account.

Simply complete the appropriate form to the right and you will be taken to the secure PayPal payment page or you put in your Credit Card details, which is connected to the secure payment system Stripe.

You are not required to have a PayPal or Stripe account for this transaction.

If you want to make a recurring donation please click on this button:


The money goes to wherever the highest needs are.

As always, we thank you for your support of the children of the Grace of God Philanthropic Foundation Orphanage. If you would rather not use the online form, you can mail us your donation to:

Grace of God Philanthropic Foundation Orphanage
P.O.Box 411
BUEA, Southwestregion, Cameroon

Are you located in Cameroon, then you can send us your donation through MTN mobile money. Our number is 677 832 193

You want to Sponsor A Child?

Sponsorship of a child helps to cover costs such as food, lodging, medical expenses, school expenses, clothing, transportation, and recreation.

Please click on the Button to find the current needs for Child Sponsorship.


Recently we completed the roof of our house, the rooms for the children and the living room.

Now is only the apartment for the volunteers or other guests left to put tiles on the floors, the inventory for the bathroom, the ceiling and the electrical system. 

Thank you for your support and God bless you.

You see some pictures of how it looks now.

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